Carelite – A cloud based Electronic Health Record (EHR)

Today all healthcare providers are opting for digital devices for their healthcare services. This aids clinical storage in the form of Electronic Health Records (EHRs). SaaS has revolutionized this further by introducing cloud-based EHR. With SaaS EHR, many hospitals will be able to track valuable data from the cloud that can save lives in half the time compared to manual records. Given below are the benefits of cloud-based storage:

If EHR is cloud-based, the chances of system failure is significantly minimal and the data is encrypted in such a way with security layers that the information is protected from hackers.

Patient information is stored and managed by opting cloud based EHR as it keeps them more secure.

At real-time the patient data is easily accessible from multiple location and any devices.

Cost effective
It cost less than the server based EHR. It requires only monthly or annual subscription charges.

Easy connection
Users can securely log on to their system with any device / gadget and a basic internet connection. With this, you can work on EHR , stay connected with hospital staff and patients any time.

Value for Hospital
SaaS cloud-based EHR system is of great value, because of quick accessibility, efficient storage and easy payments. Physicians and patients can access health data with one click, speeding up the medical process.

Maintenance Free with Cloud
A Cloud-computing system takes the worries out of knowing when to upgrade, back up data, or perform disaster recovery exercises. Integration with other devices and systems are performed with greater ease. There are no down times with Cloud technology, since the redundancy systems are already in place for you. With a Cloud technology system, it eliminates the need for an IT department and lets the physician focus on what they do best – patient care. A Cloud system takes a lot of the headache and worry away from your hospital.

Greater Flexibility and Customizations with Cloud
A SAAS EHR provides the capability for greater flexibility and customizations. The customizations can combine the right mix of functionality based on a practice clinical workflows. The intuitive ease of use and affordability enables rapid and complete documentation with minimum cost or disruption to a practice. The practice is provided greater management capabilities, which improve revenue cycle management and operational transparency.

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