Carelite is India’s first ever Hospital Management System on SaaS (Software as a Service) model where you pay on per patient billing.

Uniqueness: Carelite is unique from others as you pay monthly rentals to other SaaS models whether you utilize the services or not. But in carelite, you pay only for what you use.

Low on cost: For mid size health care organizations who need not invest high in HIS software solutions, Carelite is the best choice. The minimal cost for per patient billing is a mere 99 rupees.

High on benefits: In Carelite HIS Out Patients are free and only In Patients are chargeable. It means no need to spend capital on Out Patients. Enjoy these services for free and invest only on In Patients.

Cost-effective: As Carelite is platform independent, it makes the system highly cost-effective. Carelite is also independent of device as well as operating system.

Always upgraded: Carelite is compatible with latest gadgets like Browser based HIS that runs on Windows, IOS, Android mobiles and tabs. It also uses modern technology to make the applications available to the users 24×7 on cloud.

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