Patient Registration Module maintains outpatient information and provides interfaces with Appointments, Doctors Clinics and Out Patient Billing and Cash Collection Modules, Pharmacy. Every Patient is given a Unique Health Identification (UHID) number for identifying various services offered by the Hospital including hospitalization details throughout his Life.


A module which will allow to capture the orders from the doctor pertaining to pharmacy, diagnostic tests, in-patient admission and discharge as well as any other types of order to a respective section. This module will also allow capturing this information and create a receipt or invoice of payment for the patient, which the patient further carries to the concerned department.

M I S Reports

MIS or Management Information System is a computer based system that is used by most of the organizations to transform data into useful information for better decision making. It helps management to make better plans and carefully organize business operations. This system is used for generating reports, which include inventory status reports, performance reports, financial statements.


Pathology Module is designed for better interaction between Management, Staff and Customers. Pathology Management System handles all the requirements for easy Pathology Management. This module will help the Pathology Business to structuralize the activities, maintain data transparency where needed and store data properly for regular operations and future analysis. It also enhances data credibility and integrity.


A Radiology Information System (RIS) is a computerized database used by Radiology departments to store, manipulate and distribute patient radiological data and imagery. This module offers an ideal solution for clinics and medical centers requiring a full-service RIS at a competitive price. Our design has proven to increase hospital’s overall productivity and efficiency thereby reducing costs and improving the quality of patient care.

Doctors Management

The Doctor’s Module allows physicians to manage their profile, along with their weekly schedules to determine their availability for accepting consultations. Using the Doctor’s Module, the Chief Medical Officer manages the weekly availability of all doctors attached to the network and can have easy access to view all the scheduled appointments. This module also provides the complete overview of the doctor’s schedule.

Stores Management

Stores Management handles all the functions of stores management in a Hospital. Supply chain is the lifeblood of a Hospital. With patient care on the line, no hospital can afford to make a mistake. As most departments in your Hospital depend heavily on supplies, materials management can ease your operations. Quality care cannot be provided on time unless required materials are available in the right quantity, place and time.

Appointment Scheduling

The Appointment Scheduling of patient and physician appointments can be done from this module. The details about schedule of a physician, slots available in his schedule, scheduled slots, blocked slots, tracking of patients and their visits, scheduling appointments for unregistered patients and emergency patients can be viewed effortlessly. Scheduling, rescheduling and manipulating of appointments can be done easily.

Electronic Medical Record

An Electronic Medical Record (EMR) module helps in storing patient information in the form of digital records that can be used for analysis. This helps in improving patient care and quality of life as the analysis provides the required insights to a doctor which in turn helps in better diagnosis and treatment. The medical history available also helps to ease the further investigations and analysis of the patients on their revisit.