Instant access to real time Data

All the patient data from different sources are stored in a single repository, where the physician can get immediate real time information in the event of critical decision making

Value for your Time & Money

Carelite is a SaaS based solution where the users subscribe to the service. You do not need a local server installation and the services can be accessed through web. This model ultimately reduce your IT expenditure

World Wide Access

Access your data from anywhere, anytime using tab, mobile or laptop as long as you are connected to internet. Ideal for physicians on the move to share data with their staffs or patients

Patient Management made Easy with Carelite

Carelite helps you to create, view, edit and store comprehensive patient profiles, lab and Imaging results. Keep track of patient’s vitals and create consultation notes, share, export or print as per the requirement. Never spend time for searching patient records

Maximize Your Schedule with Appointment Booking App

Carelite’s fully functional Calendar allows you to view your schedule by day, week or month. Our Queue module gives you an in-depth look at your day’s schedule, who you’ll be seeing and what procedures you’ll be doing. You can even send SMS reminders to Patients reminding them of their appointments.

Know your Finance using the Billing and Accounts Module

Real time billing and collection information allows you to never lose track of your finances. Our billing module helps you to keep tabs on bills issued, collections, payment details and even inventory. We even make it easy for you to track your