Subscription Model: Pay an initial deposit of USD 500 and start your (Account) clinical process. Every time a patient is billed charges will be deducted from your account at a rate of USD 1 per OPD patient USD 5 for IPD Patient. You don’t have to worry about the calculations, system will generate the statement and notify you. The deposit can be recharged as you finish your balance.

Rental: You will have the option to pay monthly or yearly. The charges include implementation, training and private cloud hosting

Description Subscription Rental
Deposit Rs. 12,000 N.A
Price Rs. 12 per OPD

Rs. 99 per IPD
Rs. 36,000
Validity N.A 1 Year
Training Online Online
Hosting Cloud Cloud
Master Import* Yes Yes


  • Caresoft will take care of importing your Hospital’s Master Data in to the system. Client has to provide their Data in the given format. Should the client desire that we undertake preparation of your Hospital Master data, it can be done at a charge of Rs. 6000/- to Rs. 10,000/- depending on the Data
  • 6 Hours of free online training and implementation. Onsite training and implementation will be provided on request at a charge of Rs.2000/- per day.
  • Caresoft reserves the right to upgrade the software versions as and when necessary since the product is undergoing continuous improvement.
  • Licenses once issued will not be transferred, cancelled nor any amount refunded
  • This product has life cycle of 3 years from date of Activation
  • The cost is for out-of-the-box product without customizations
  • The above investment does not include Hardware, Networking, Operating Systems, Databases, Firewalls, Antivirus, Security Softwares & any other system software.
  • Easy payment methods through online links
  • An identified key personnel from client side will be trained to understand total functionality and can be a future trainer
  • Caresoft will provide display Business Badge for NABH Compliance